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Photos of Factory

Photos of Factory

Photos of the gum rosin drums in Factory

Photos of the gum rosin drums in Factory

Varieties to enrich Nghe midland

Nghe An has a total area of ​​7.000ha tea, mainly hybrid varieties: LDP1 and LDP2. The same quality tea has very good drought tolerance has changed the face of the Nghe tea ...

Taking advantage of industrial plant

Western Nghe An area of ​​land suitable for many diverse crops. In particular, there are 13,000 ha of land under the Phu Quy zan fertile areas suitable short-term industrial trees, fruit trees and long days. Western Land trongcao su, oranges, tea, sugarcane, cassava, pineapples are high yield.

Nghe An Tea

Tea tree is a collection of leaves, so very hungry country. Water is the decisive factor to 30-40% yield of tea. Provincial average yield of tea we are very low: only reached 5.5 to 6.5 t / ha, while the yield of tea cultivation in some areas has 25-30 tons / ha. Therefore, the Resolution 02 of the provincial irrigation for upland crops was born to meet investor expectations, intensification of many households and firms

Vietnamese farmers getting vigilant over Chinese businessmen

Vietnamese farmers, who suffered from the trickeries by Chinese businessmen, have sworn that they would abstain from dealing with Chinese businessmen forever.

Improving the competitiveness of Nghe An on tea export market

With the Midland area, largely mountainous, very favorable for the development of tea industry, for years, our province has focused on the tea industry to exploit the potential, job creation for farmers . Until now, the tea of ​​Nghe An has confirmed the quality, especially in foreign markets. However, tea export products of the province standing should reform the way as well as improving production processing equipment.


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