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Improving the competitiveness of Nghe An on tea export market
Posted on: 14/4/2012 - Viewed: 5110

With the Midland area, largely mountainous, very favorable for the development of tea industry, for years, our province has focused on the tea industry to exploit the potential, job creation for farmers . Until now, the tea of ​​Nghe An has confirmed the quality, especially in foreign markets. However, tea export products of the province standing should reform the way as well as improving production processing equipment.
Early market entry
Immediately after tea Nghe An to attend the International Tea Festival was held in Thai Nguyen province (on 13.11.2011), we have met with Mr. Ho An - General Manager Ltd. a member of the investment Nghe An Tea Development to re-evaluate on an objective of our tea products. Mr. An said: Compared to Thai Nguyen tea, we can not compare, because that was the cradle of the country's tea. Thai Nguyen has the advantage on land, climate, water resources, plus fresh tea material quality, processing technical sophistication of the traditional villages, making the quality of Thai Nguyen tea products special taste, delicious famous. Therefore, Thai Nguyen tea has "brand" for domestic consumers so far. However, our tea products have unique advantages, such as: Brooklyn, is in top leading provinces quantity of tea exported to foreign countries.
Why was the tea of ​​foreign consumer acceptance and annually exports considerable quantities so? The reason is that we soon enter the world market by processing of black tea to meet the export market. Since 1990, Nghe An has been actively building the tea material, linked to processing. Since then, the province has had eight thousand hectares of tea concentrate, of which six thousand hectares of tea is in the harvest period. Tea yield had reached an average of over 10 tonnes of fresh bud / ha / year. Tea tree industry really bring high economic efficiency for farmers in mountainous and midland regions, such as: Con Cuong Thanh Chuong, Anh Son, Tan Ky and recently Qishan. Many areas in the UK Son, local government has mobilized and encouraged farmers switch from growing corn, cassava ... to tea. Along with that, the Company Investment Limited Nghe An Tea Development also promote the transfer of scientific and technical advances for people to apply so that productivity and quality of tea on a lift. In particular, the company has associated with the development of processing tea, to meet consumer demand for tea products. Currently, Company Limited Investment Nghe An Tea Development has built nine tea processing factories in tea growing areas of planning.

Tea in tea processing workshop Hung Son Commune (British base).

With an area of ​​tea then, every year, Company Limited Investment Nghe An Tea Development has purchased from 35-40 thousand tons of tea leaves and processing are seven thousand tons of dried tea. 6 thousand tonnes which used to export to 16 countries under the European region, Eastern Europe, East Asia (including 4 thousand tons of black tea, 2 thousand tons of green tea). At International Festival in Thai Nguyen tea, tea products of Nghe An was involved in the Vietnam Tea Association. Just then, a number of foreign customers have access to tea Nghe An. This is an opportunity to tea Nghe An expanding export market. Also here, the Vietnam Tea Association has found a solution in-depth development of tea and to increase productivity of tea leaves in the near future.
Development of tea, in addition to economic significance, also contributes to a stable life and settled farmers, local job creation, poverty alleviation and lawful enrichment of many farmers. According to An, next time, production and processing of tea consumption Nghe need to define some focus: Development of manufacturing tea through intensive investment to increase productivity, quality and value of income per unit area and tea products and boosting the application of modern science and technology in production, processing, creating products with higher value, higher competitiveness on international markets, gradually expand the export market.
Intensive investment for the tea
Although Nghe An is one of the local country's largest exporter of tea, but to compete with the tea of ​​some countries, like China, India, Sri Lanka ..., Mr An said that the next time, Nghe need infrastructure investment for tea production areas; positive transfer of knowledge and science and technology for tea growers constantly innovating advanced processing equipment and technology to improve production of tea and tea quality .
Mr An said that the export market have the opportunity to expand, so, the Company Investment Limited Nghe An Tea Development has identified the target concentration increased depth to tea. Although the last time, the output of tea leaves our yield quite but not high quality. The reason is that people lack access tea and apply science and technology should be more investment improperly, unscientific harvesting, leading to uneven development of tea, fresh tea disqualified. There are areas, harvesting tea leaves much too long, leading to lower purchase price, their processing difficulty.

Chi Khe communal farmers (Con Cuong) tea garden care.

Many households in Hung Son Commune (British base) to invest up small dams for tea tree moisturizing.

The investment in infrastructure for the tea is not appropriate. Con Cuong district is implementing material tea plantation project in the communes of Yen Khe, Chi Khe, Thach Thousand, Mau Germany and so far in this area are also quite a lot of tea, but transportation systems, irrigation the tea service is inadequate. Do not have irrigation so over the years, the government and the people here though are actively implementing the plan of tea every year, but a lot of tea area planted soon after died. The reason is that prolonged drought, because there is no water for irrigation. Even Anh Son district, Thanh Chuong has five hundred hectares of tea is being harvested because of drought dried up.
As Company Limited Investment Nghe An Tea Development is the main road system to the tea processing unit state investment has been asphalted, but branch roads in the area about 35 km long, tea is land lines, greatly affects the care process and purchasing, transporting raw materials, especially in the rainy season. The system of reservoirs and dams for tea planting and care has not been investigated sufficiently. Tea material most likely conditions for digging into large reservoirs, small to hold moisture for tea, but by the local tea growers do not have funding should not be done.
Along with intensive focus on increasing productivity of tea leaves, the investment in renewing equipment and advanced technological processes of tea processing also need more attention. Although Company Limited Investment Nghe An Tea Development has 9 factories associated with tea processing tea key areas, but most equipment obsolete processing technology, small capacity. Therefore, there is no point purchasing the Company promptly of tea leaves for farmers, the quality of made tea for export markets with little competition. It is known that long-State funds available for investment in equipment renewal tea processing technology is very limited. Tea export market is very wide, but competition is fierce as well, by producing high quality tea products of some countries in the region. If not focused on the stage of Nghe An, the opportunity to expand export markets in the future very difficult.
Tea ingredients have been identified as plant our province to spearhead economic development for the midlands and mountainous areas. Tea growing employment for about 20 thousand workers in place, contributing to poverty alleviation, towards enrichment. To really put the tea industry to develop synchronously, all levels, local authorities should pay more attention to overcome the weaknesses that exist, in order to collectively as the "third house" of mutual benefit.

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